Squidbone° is a design studio specialized in product design and visualising.

It was founded in 2001 by industrial designer Stanley Sie.

Stanley Sie graduated in 1996 at the Faculty ‘Industrial Design Engineering’ of the Delft University of Technology. Between 1996 and 2006 he has been working for several industrial design studios and agencies. During this period Stanley experienced and learned the many different aspects of the product design process with the emphasis on conceptual design, aesthetics and visualising.

Since 2006 up until now, Stanley has been working with both national and international companies helping them to visualise and realize their ideas, concepts or products and eventually to convince their audience.



When visualising we make the visual meet the following requirements:

  • CLEAN – keeping it simple, clear and crisp
  • FOCUS – leading the eye where it should be
  • LAYERED – containing both visual and textual layers of information
  • ROOM FOR INTERPRETATION – leaving space for the viewer to adopt and own the concept



We always strive to implement 5 basic characteristics into our designs:

  • SMART – logical, intuitive and functional
  • MEANINGFUL – having soul and purpose
  • SIMPLE – distilled to the essence
  • SUSTAINABLE – considering necessity and environmental impact
  • ICONIC – stands out within its category, leaving a lasting visual imprint



Squids fascinate me. Mysterious, almost alien-like creatures that cannot just change color, but also can change shape. Design can be considered as an act of strategically and logically arranging and manipulating shapes and colors within a specific environment.

‘Squid’ also stands for flexibility; our capacity to adjust to the clients needs and the existing circumstances.
‘Bone‘ symbolizes structure; the fixed methods we use during the process to advance and stay focused.